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We Offer Dog Boarding As Well As Cat And Bird Boarding In Jacksonville, FL

Enjoy your peace of mind when you pick our state-of-the-art facility for dog boarding in Jacksonville, FL

Our dog boarding facility at Julington Creek Animal Walk in Jacksonville, FL, will make your pet feel at home. We have two boarding options for dogs depending upon their size with the largest suites in the area, lots of space in our cat condos for your furry feline, and a room dedicated to your exotic friends. We also offer other special services at our animal boarding facility to enhance your pet’s stay with us.


– Terrace Suites:

Terrace suites are available, some with web-cam access. Inside, our suites are air-conditioned and heated, and have Kuranda beds for your pets. Each individual suite is attached to a large outdoor terrace.

Nightly rate (standard terrace suite)* $43.00
2nd dog (same suite)* $25.80
3rd dog (same suite)* $21.50

*Check-in/out during business hours unless opting for exit bath then check-out after 1pm

– Luxury Oasis:



Our small dog luxury oasis was designed specifically for the comfort of those guests 25lbs and under. Our eight themed suites provide your pet with luxury accommodations that include raised beds, individual outdoor patios, a poolside group play and swim and daily attention and affection from an Oasis concierge.

Luxury Oasis nightly rate (up to three dogs, up to 25lbs each, one playtime included)* $75.00

*Check-in/out during business hours unless opting for exit bath then check-out after 1pm


Deluxe Kitty Condos were designed by resort owners (cat lovers themselves). Each condo is a peaceful, kitty-friendly habitat, some with window views of the outdoors. Each condo is multi-level, for climbing and hiding. Soothing music completes the experience for your pet.

Nightly rate* $24.75
2nd cat (same condo)* $14.85
Nightly rate (resort view)* $28.00
2nd cat (same condo, resort view)* $16.80
*Check-in/out during business hours unless opting for exit bath then check-out after 1pm


We also board exotics in our tropical room….birds, iguanas, rabbits, hamsters, squirrels, etc….all are welcome. Exotics with their own housing (cage, aquarium, etc) range between $17.50/night. Call for details.

Special Services

pool_lgGroup Swim…$8.50

Splashing with your friends, chasing balls, cannonball dives – what could be more fun? If you’re a dog, not much! Group swim is our most popular activity. Our climate controlled, bone shaped pool is only 6 inches deep in the shallow end. Even the most reluctant dogs succumb to “peer pressure” and swim.

Cuddle Time…$25.00

For dogs and cats. Cuddle time is one-on-one time for your pet with a member of our caring staff. Lots of cuddles, rubs and smooches for all involved. This is a staff favorite!



Group Playtime…$8.50

Hanging with your dawgs. Now that’s a good time. Dogs are grouped by size and spend their time playing “keep away”, “catch me if you can”, chasing Frisbees and interacting with the staff. Remember, a tired dog is a good dog. After group play, all dogs are good.


Nature Walk…$25.00

Your dog will enjoy a serene walk through the woods with a member of our staff. He’ll get to listen to the sounds of nature and stop to smell the roses. There are hills and logs to climb, or trails for just taking it easy.


Please read Boarding Policies before boarding your pet.

Things You Should Know About Canine Cough


Vaccines required for dogs are Rabies, DHPP, and Tracheobronchitis. We also require a negative intestinal parasite/fecal test and results of a heartworm test. Vaccines required for cats are Rabies and FVRCP. If your dog or cat is not current on these vaccines, our staff will be happy to send them to our veterinarians on site and have them vaccinated at an additional charge.